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Desire by Futureworld Orchestra


Desire, being the first hit single track released by Futureworld Orchestra in 1981.

FWO Hoes DesireDesire was the first track released in 1981 by Futureworld Orchestra and was part of the very first recording session after getting signed by Dutch major record company Dureco.

I was blown away by the positive critics we’ve got from the Dutch press and the track became an instant hit in the Netherlands. Red line in these critics was the fact that Futureworld Orchestra were 2 guys who grew up in the country of Holland and who were able to produce it in such way that it sounded like it came from America and which was hardly ever done in Holland. It must be said that our producers had a role in this since they themselves were very American orientated performers if you like. They were called the Limit.

After the release in the Netherlands other European record companies picked up the track and especially Spain and Italy became countries that embraced the warm and friendly sound of Futureworld Orchestra. Desire even became number one in one of the Italian dance charts.

Sleeve - Regenerated (686x686pix-72dpi)Due to the fact that tracks of Futureworld Orchestra longer were available to the world, Robert re-recorded most of the tracks in 2010. Maintaining the famous sound of the eighties and took it in engineering terms to the highest quality possible. Album title: REGENERATED.

The player is locked, but as soon as you scroll over it you’ll get instructions on how to unlock it. It took me only 4 point 6 seconds!