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Old artists

Old Artists Who Showed They Still Have It !

The music industry is a constantly evolving cut-throat business, where fickle audiences are offered new music on a seemingly weekly basis. And of course, being fickle consumers, we happily listen to whatever the radio decides we need to hear. Remember Daft Punk’s Get Lucky? I haven’t heard that in a while, and that tune was topping the charts only months ago. Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines seems to have faded away too. What about PSY? Gangnam Style? Where has that song gone? Where has PSY gone? South Korea?! Oh right, yes. Yes he has gone there.

Let’s continue. Even looking at the charts this week, we see some names who seem nearly out-dated and almost out of place. Lady GaGa seems to have reappeared from some kind of music-producing hibernation. But in a month even she will have faded from the airwaves. Katy Perry too. Miley Cyrus is already slipping out of the public’s attention, even with her publicity stunts and widespread press-attention. And you don’t have to be a music critic to see that What Does The Fox Say is probably going to be forgotten in due course. What does the fox say? In a month nobody will remember or care. Okay maybe they will. It is quite a funny song. But seriously, what does the fox say?

I don’t mean to start a diatribe about the music industry as a whole. I mean only to point out that the business is fluid, and fast changing. What we hear today could be totally different to what we hear tomorrow. The whole music industry is like a giant competition, and those who don’t ‘have it’, simply don’t make it. Like the Hunger Games, only with more bass and a quicker beat. And catchier lyrics. Okay, the Hunger Games is an awful comparison. But you get the idea. I think. If you want to succeed in the music business in 2013, you have to be young, good looking, and make music which fits in to the lives of a contemporary audience.

Or do you? Do you really need to be young, or good looking, or fit a contemporary mould, to show you still have what it takes to be a popular artist? Do you need to be Rihanna or Kanye West to ‘have it’ in 2013?

I don’t think so. And here are four artists who showed they still have it in 2013…
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