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FWO – Back for the Future


Futureworld Orchestra is back for the future, to engage in new music projects!

After separating from Gerto in1985, Robert continued to compose and produce music with this studio project and nowadays has recorded numerous tunes for a variety of media.

A first fact was the release of REGENERATED in 2010 a CD-album containing re-recordings of the famous tracks by Futureworld Orchestra and released on Robert’s private owned label: Goose Pimples Music.

Recently Robert released 2 additional albums: PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION (originally composed by Mussorgsky) and the album called OCEANS OF INFINITY, containing only newly written tracks amongst some of them appeared in a TV-series and a DVD about a famous Dutch sea sailor Henk de Velde.

The release of these 2 albums marks the end of the old school Futureworld Orchestra because, as we speak Robert already has embarked on a new musical journeys. Based on a totally different musical styles and sounds Robert is taking distance of  the famous sound of the eighties as the sound of Futureworld Orchestra is often revered to.

Robert: “When I started Futureworld Orchestra I always looked at this project as a musical (studio) project, similar to like Alan Parsons and Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds. Now with all the technical innovations and developments this time is very inspiaring to me ”. Engaging with different vocalists and musicians working on a great variety of musical projects, that is what I always liked Futureworld Orchestra to become. Until this time unfortunately I did not completely accomplish these goals!

But frankly, having said that, I’m still very motivated to continue on that process of composing and producing new music and in fact I already started to work on new material, to be released later on this year. Amongst of them is one of the inspiring projects is in collaboration with Time Bandits singer Alides Hidding.

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