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Persbericht – Oceans of Infinity

ALBUM RELEASE: Zaterdag 8 december 2013 komt het 6e album uit van: FUTUREWORLD ORCHESTRA – “OCEANS OF INFINITY” Dit album bestaat grotendeels uit instrumentale muziek die gecomponeerd is voor een Tv-serie en DVD handelend over de avontuurlijke zeereizen van de bekende Nederlandse zeezeiler Henk de Velde. De serie is eerder te zien geweest bij o.a. … Read more

Old artists

Old Artists Who Showed They Still Have It ! The music industry is a constantly evolving cut-throat business, where fickle audiences are offered new music on a seemingly weekly basis. And of course, being fickle consumers, we happily listen to whatever the radio decides we need to hear. Remember Daft Punk’s Get Lucky? I haven’t … Read more

Synthesizers 4

Going Digital It’s not an accident that most of the synthesizers on the market today are digital. It’s also not because their technology is necessarily superior to the sound of analog, Rhea says (though he acknowledges that digital synthesizers can produce a more stable pitch). Instead, it was simple economics: Digital instruments could be manufactured … Read more

Synthesizers 3

Synthesizer Components Even though many synthesizers possess the ebony and ivory keyboard of a piano, the rest of the machine — a chassis lined with knobs, dials and switches — looks more like it belongs in a garage instead of a concert hall. Nonetheless, the synthesizer contains the same two components as almost any other … Read more

Synthesizers 2

Synthesizing the Elements of Sound When we say that synthesizers manipulate the fundamental elements of a sound, what do we really mean? First, here are a few basics. A sound is the result of changes in air pressure as energy travels from a sound’s source to our ears. The human ear can process sounds in … Read more

Synthesizers 1

Synthesizers 1. When we think of synthesizers, it’s tough to set aside our preconceptions. We might think of fuzzy, 8-bit video game soundtracks and impossibly catchy pop songs from the 1980s. We might think of a lush, digital orchestra emanating from a keyboard. We envision knobs and dials and cables strewn all about. We might … Read more

New album by Futureworld Orchestra

“OCEANS OF INFINITY” On December 8st 2013, my latest CD-album OCEANS of INFINITY is going to be released. This brand new album contains mostly instrumental tracks. Some of the tracks I’ve written and produced for a television series and a DVD, about wel known Dutch see sailor Henk de Velde and his long during ocean … Read more

FWO – Terug voor de toekomst

Na een periode van relatieve rust is FUTUREWORLD ORCHESTRA nu “terug  voor de toekomst”. Na de opsplitsing van Futureworld Orchestra in 1985, ging Robert door met het componeren en produceren van muziek voor “FWO”. Inmiddels heeft Robert vele tunes geproduceerd voor een variëteit aan media, waaronder de meeste voor TV Oost, de regionale zender voor … Read more

Desire by Futureworld Orchestra

DESIRE by FUTUREWORLD ORCHESTRA Desire, being the first hit single track released by Futureworld Orchestra in 1981. Desire was the first track released in 1981 by Futureworld Orchestra and was part of the very first recording session after getting signed by Dutch major record company Dureco. I was blown away by the positive critics we’ve … Read more